What Can Google Reviews Do for You?

At Hudson Brauntz Digital, we know how important it is to add a review service to your digital package. Not only have we seen first-hand how positive reviews have impacted our clients, but we’ve experienced the difference for ourselves in our own business. We would never recommend something to our clients that we aren’t doing ourselves; we offer the best because small businesses deserve the best and we can’t wait to help you get the 5-star reviews you need to stand out in your industry.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Our last post was dedicated to explaining all the benefits that a customer review service provides for your online presence (if you missed it, click here!), but this one is designed to give you real-life examples that we’ve delivered since starting this service. Easy, effective, and affordable, our customer review program delivers results for businesses of all types. Some of our favorite success stories include:

  • Guthier Heating & Cooling came to us just over a year ago with only 5 Google Reviews. Since investing in our review program, they’ve collected over 117 5-star reviews and their business is growing quickly and steadily.
  • Heineke Vet had only 77 Google reviews when they started with us, despite having built a loyal clientele over the last 25+ years. By working with us, they’ve experienced more than a 150% increase in 5-star reviews and now have a whopping 215. Through this growth, they’ve garnered new clients and their furry friends because people know this vet is one to be trusted.
  • CabanUp Beach Rental more than doubled their reviews in only six months with us. Before signing on with Hudson Brauntz Digital, they had only accumulated 13 reviews since going into business two years ago. We delivered 61 5-star reviews in a one year period.

OK, But What Is Included In Our Review Program and How Much Does It Cost?

So what all comes with our review service and what does the investment look like for your business? Our turn-key program is designed to be all-inclusive and it’s very affordable. Starting at only $75 a month, you’ll get many great features, including:

  • A continuous review stream that is updated automatically if it is a 5-star review, and showcases all of the reviews on your testimonials page, plus a link to encourage clients to leave a review.
  • A floating carousel that pops up on every page of your site. The carousel rotates reviews to make sure they’re seen by every visitor who accesses your website.
  • An inline review widget that puts a scrolling review any place on your page that you want.
  • Monthly text message plans are available at an extra cost. This allows us to send a text to your new clients and prompts them to leave a review.

Plus, if you sign up for a 5-page website build or higher with us, we include a FREE year of our review program. That’s a $900 bonus!

Call us today at 513-257-6398 to learn more about our Google review program and see how we can help make sure your business gets the recognition it deserves. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and we’re excited to help you make the most out of your online presence.