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When a prospective client finds your company online, what do they see? In today’s world, consumers will check out a business online even if they already plan to shop, eat, or contact them. Hudson Brauntz can help you create the best first impression through a high-converting, beautiful website.

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web design & development
web design & development
web design & development

creative process

Websites don’t just “happen.” We make them happen with intention, strategy, and best practices.

We build websites on a variety of platforms, but WordPress is our recommended starting point. You will communicate your goals for your website, whether that’s a great e-commerce solution, clear description of your services, or a high-conversation Call to Action.

Here is what we consider when we help you create your company website:

template & general structure

We don’t reinvent the wheel. We have thousands of beautiful templates within WordPress that we will use as a starting point to expedite the process. Don’t worry: templates can (and should) be highly customized to your business. We built our website in this way, too!

design and development

Our design team can adjust, add, remove, and customize nearly any portion of your website to ensure it’s hitting your goals and feels easy to navigate for your visitors.

professional copywriting

A website must have great content. Otherwise, visitors will miss your message, be distracted by poor writing or grammar, or come to the conclusion that you simply didn’t care.

clear action items

What do you want your website to do for you? Where should your visitors go? What do you want them to do? A great website should make these items very clear and help convert your visitors into customers.

web design & development

what you get

A strong, powerful website that you’re proud to share! Whether you’re launching a new business or refreshing your existing website, we’ll design a site that shares your story, creates loyalty, and ensures your customers leave with a create impression of your business..

website photography

We will select high-quality stock photography to support your brand’s visual theme. We are always aware of diversity, inclusion, and representation within the visuals we select.

smooth user experience

From the moment they hit your website to the time they leave, your visitors should understand how to find the information they want and perform the actions you desire: shop, learn more, contact you, or book with you.

brand consistency

Your final design selection can be edited with unlimited revisions until you’re fully satisfied with your logo, colors, and fonts. The final design is delivered in all file formats needed: jpeg, png, and eps.

color codes

We deliver color codes to you so you can always perfectly match your brand when you create new materials, order branded items, and more

new or refreshed website copy

We have professional writers to ensure your brand’s story is clear, compelling, and incorporates all of the most important keywords to be sure you’re found online.

web design & development
web design & development
web design & development

strategy & positioning

A successful brand strategy speaks to your brand’s differentiators and values. It’s compelling and consistent, and–if done correctly–a great brand strategy acts as a blueprint for your business. Your brand strategy increases traffic, awareness, loyalty, and revenue.

Branding goes far beyond what your consumers can see. Your brand is an experience that encompasses every detail and every touch point of the consumer purchasing cycle. In order to ignite interaction, your brand must consistently and concisely convey its core values, message, positioning, and look-and-feel. A brand strategy covers:

defining your products and services
outlining your differentiators
clarifying your market position
assessing competitors
establishing your brand voice

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web design & development
web design & development
web design & development
web design & development

a word from our clients

web design & development

the affordable roofing company

"Hudson Brauntz did a great job of assessing our former websites short falls, provided us with a custom tailored site that highlighted everything we felt our clients would want to know when choosing our company. My company’s needs can change as quick as the weather. It’s important to us that we work alongside a digital media company we know we can count on to make necessary and quick changes to our site. Hudson Brauntz has answered our calls and delivered great results consistently. I highly recommend Hudson Brauntz to any business, looking to provide a great digital presence and experience to potential customers and clients."

Will Smith

Owner, The Affordable Roofing Company

web design & development

aeh accounting

"David and his team took a cloudy idea that was in my head and turned it into professional artistry. I am amazed at the quality of the website, the detail and accuracy of the content, and the overall creativity to blend the site into my business' brand. David delivers on his promise, and communicates thoroughly throughout the process. I highly recommend Hudson Brauntz Digital to anyone looking to improve their digital footprint."

Chris Rogers

President and CEO, AEH Accounting

web design & development

heineke veterinary hospital

"When searching for someone to market your business it is easy to get sold by the traditional "salesperson" approach. What gets lost in most cases is the relationship you have with that person. David and Hudson Brauntz not only have amazing products to help a business succeed in its marketing but he enthusiastically and genuinely cares about the people behind the business. I can not say enough kind things about my experience with David. Switch to Hudson Brauntz. You will not be disappointed!"

Nick Heineke

Owner, Heineke Veterinary Hospital