Was My Website Built Properly?

Here at Hudson Brauntz Digital, we make sure every website we create is designed and built properly, but every day there is a website that is designed that is not built properly. If you already have a website, it might look as if your current website is built properly, but on the back end, it might not be. Our goal is to help and educate our clients on ways that make their websites more engaging and bring in an abundance of online traffic. Websites that are built properly have more leverage in online searches, which will in return bring in more consumers. So, the real question is, how do you know if your website was built properly? Here are a few vital factors that we will pinpoint to make sure your website is built and operating correctly.


In most standard websites, any everyday person can look at a website’s HTML coding. All you must do is right-click on one of the service pages and click on the “view page source” drop-down and all the coding is opened up in another tab. Often times when a website is not built properly it will be very vague and lack details, saying things like “about us” or “services” but it’s important that your website is equipped with additional details that help market your business. What truly makes a website stand out and be found amongst others in a simple Google search is a website that is filled with details, information, and new fresh content that markets your business to its full potential. For example, if we were building a website for a law firm, the title in the HTML wouldn’t just be “ABC Attorney.” But you see, on the back end of your website we would give additional keywords, so instead in that example, we would title it “ABC Attorney- Family Law and Personal Injury Law,” that way the internet can bring your website up for more relevant searches. We handle all of that at Hudson Brauntz Digital, giving you a high return on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Dynamic Landing Pages

Once you get potential consumers on your website it’s important that you have a dynamic and engaging landing page that is purposeful with the information that is being displayed at first glance. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PAGE ON YOUR WEBSITE!! Studies have shown that you have 15 seconds to capture someone’s attention when they land on your website. Our job at Hudson Brauntz Digital is to make sure your landing page invites consumers to engage and click on additional service pages on your website, so they have a pleasant experience with your website. Not only do we make high-quality websites, but we also have excellent content writers that tell the story of your business to the consumers, which makes your landing pages stand out amongst your competitor while showcasing your best qualities and services that actively promote checking out all the pages on your website.

Showcasing Reviews

One of the fastest-growing methods that companies grow is through great reviews and word-of-mouth. That’s exactly why we recommend showcasing your reviews on your website. At Hudson Brauntz Digital we have a wide range of plug-ins that we can add to enhance and customize your website, one of the underrated ways to showcase your reviews. We can pull the reviews from Facebook, Google, and other sources so there is a range of fresh 5-Star reviews being highlighted for consumers to easily view.

Do you think your website might be lacking in these areas? Contact Hudson Brauntz Digital. We offer a range of services from logo creation to reviews management, to the most popular service we offer of website design and development. We will make sure your HTML sources are built properly, you have high on-page SEO, your website has a dynamic landing page that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to follow, showcase your outstanding reviews, create monthly blogs, tell your business’s story, and create numerous service pages that help consumers understand your business best. All you must do is provide us with the information that you want on your website and help us understand all the great goods or services that you have to offer. We make the process quick, easy, and affordable. Never worry again if your website is built properly, we’re here to help you market your business to its fullest potential.