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Driving users to your website is a critical step in making your website a meaningful extension of your business. Simply having a website isn’t always enough, especially if you are looking to book sales online or sell your products. Your website will work best when it has been properly optimized for search engines, and Hudson Brauntz can make that happen.

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search engine optimization
search engine optimization
search engine optimization

creative process

One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization is understanding your target market and directing your website to it.

The goal of search engine optimization is to drive more high-quality visitors to your website through strategic efforts. It does not include any paid search engine marketing <<link>>. Hudson Brauntz works with you to develop a search strategy and put it into action.

keyword research

Search engines are designed to find the content their users want. If your website is created with a strong SEO strategy in mind, your on-page content and back-end website tags and descriptions will incorporate the most essential keywords.

properly indexed website

If a search engine can’t find your website, there’s simply no chance that your users will find you, either! Properly indexing a website ensures your site is primed for search engines to scour your headings, descriptions, pages, and structure to provide the right information to visitors.

strong copy

Well-written content will include great search terms and keywords. It’s also important to have constantly updated information to alert search engines that your site is relevant and contains recent information.

quick, responsive site

Technical items, like the amount of time it takes your pages to load and whether your website is mobile friendly, greatly impact your search results.

search engine optimization

what you get

Our team is ready to help create a customized solution to ensure you get found online. Search engine optimization is one way that we can assist small businesses. It’s our goal to help small businesses remain competitive, and one of the first steps is developing an SEO strategy that puts you among your competition.

on-page seo

Our professionally written content writers will create keyword rich, SEO-friendly website content to fuel your website. Great on-page optimization is content that answers your customers’ questions, clearly states what your business is and the products or services that you offer.

off-page seo

Off-page SEO incorporates those tactics and strategies that increase the strength of your website through links, referral sources, and more. Many people consider off-page SEO a form of “vouching” for your business by linking to it from third-party sources.

directory listings

The primary search engines, like Google and Safari, are certainly important–but there are hundreds of smaller directory services that serve as references for businesses and help build credibility and search power.

monthly or bi-monthly blogging

New, fresh content ensures your website remains compelling, updated, and timely. Search engines are designed to offer the most relevant information possible, so the more recently your website has been updated, the higher your search strength will be. Blogs offer the opportunity to demonstrate expertise as well as incorporate additional keywords.

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search engine optimization
search engine optimization
search engine optimization

why use professional copywriters for website content and blogs?

Great content makes a huge impact on the overall search strength of your website. Hudson Brauntz uses professional writers to put the best possible content on your website. Many website companies will outsource the content service to save money, but the result is that non-native English speakers are crafting your website copy and blog articles. While this might save some cash upfront, the long-term impact is that people know the content isn’t coming from the source–and if your content doesn’t feel authentic and isn’t answering your customers’ questions, it’s not much help to you at all. At Hudson Brauntz, we want to share your story through the most compelling content possible as well as power your business’ search efforts.

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Take a look at the on-page search engine optimization work we did for our clients by exploring their websites below.

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search engine optimization
search engine optimization
search engine optimization

a word from our clients

Riverside Korean Restaurant & Bar

riverside korean restaurant & bar

I have been in the Restaurant business for over 12 years now. I have followed David Brauntz’s career and advice for over 10 years. He has never led me in the wrong path. He is bright , trustworthy, outgoing and all around great guy. Which led me to his current company Hudson Brauntz Digital.
He has an extended amount of experience in the marketing and digital field and not to mention his large range of Networks.

So if your business is in need of some help staying with or ahead of your competitors, he is definitely the one person you should reach out to.

Yujin Kim

Owner, Riverside Korean Restaurant & Bar



We hired Hudson Brauntz to re-do our website and are so thankful we did. The end result is amazing, was produced extremely quickly, and everyone on the team has been exceptionally professional and responsive throughout. Additionally, of the four web developers I have used over the past three years, their product-to-price ratio was hands-down the best. I can’t recommend them enough.

Jeff Zeunik

Owner, CabanUp


reitman auto parts

David and staff are so energized in moving your digital marketing forward, it is amazing! I highly recommend them to anyone. He truly cares where you put your add dollars.

Fran Reitman

Owner, Reitman Auto Parts