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Search engine marketing, often called ‘pay-per-click’ or paid search marketing, is when you put money into search engines–typically Google–to direct traffic to your website. You’ve probably engaged with these ads before: the first couple of results on a Google search are there because someone paid for those spots. Do you want your business to show up first? We can help with that!

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search engine marketing
search engine marketing
search engine marketing

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With the right plan in place, PPC can be a powerful tool to build website traffic, sales, and brand awareness.

Search engine marketing can get your business and brand instantly in front of the right audience. It’s a great option for growing businesses that have a budget for marketing spends. Today, more than ever, consumers are shopping, browsing, and buying online. If your business could use more traffic to your e-commerce website, more brand visibility to promote your services, or more awareness in your local community, Hudson Brauntz can help.

Our paid search marketing services include:

pay-per-click strategy

We help you navigate the options for your business. There are a lot of decisions to make regarding your ad design, target market, budget, timeline, and more–we’ll walk you through them all to find the right combination for your business goals.

paid advertising management

Paid advertisements need great Calls-to-Action. We’ll help you write the copy, design the ad when necessary, and get your business advertising profile established so we can properly launch, monitor, and assess your paid search campaigns.

Pay to show up when and where your customers are looking.

search engine marketing

is ppc right for you?

Paid search engine marketing can feel like a lot to navigate, but when it’s used correctly, it can be an excellent way to grow your business. If you are considering investing in PPC marketing, contact us! We’ll help you determine if this is the right fit for your business. Here are some of the questions we ask our clients to consider before taking action on PPC:

  • Do you have a great website or landing page to direct your customers/clients?
  • Do you have a marketing budget that would allow for an investment for the next 3-6 months?
  • What are your goals for your website?
  • What is your e-commerce conversion rate?

success story

Hear one client’s story of how search engine marketing helped his business succeed.



search engine marketing

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search engine marketing
search engine marketing
search engine marketing
search engine marketing

a word from our clients

search engine marketing

the affordable roofing company

"Hudson Brauntz did a great job of assessing our former websites short falls, provided us with a custom tailored site that highlighted everything we felt our clients would want to know when choosing our company. My company’s needs can change as quick as the weather. It’s important to us that we work alongside a digital media company we know we can count on to make necessary and quick changes to our site. Hudson Brauntz has answered our calls and delivered great results consistently. I highly recommend Hudson Brauntz to any business, looking to provide a great digital presence and experience to potential customers and clients."

Will Smith

Owner, The Affordable Roofing Company

search engine marketing

aeh accounting

"David and his team took a cloudy idea that was in my head and turned it into professional artistry. I am amazed at the quality of the website, the detail and accuracy of the content, and the overall creativity to blend the site into my business' brand. David delivers on his promise, and communicates thoroughly throughout the process. I highly recommend Hudson Brauntz Digital to anyone looking to improve their digital footprint."

Chris Rogers

President and CEO, AEH Accounting

search engine marketing

heineke veterinary hospital

"When searching for someone to market your business it is easy to get sold by the traditional "salesperson" approach. What gets lost in most cases is the relationship you have with that person. David and Hudson Brauntz not only have amazing products to help a business succeed in its marketing but he enthusiastically and genuinely cares about the people behind the business. I can not say enough kind things about my experience with David. Switch to Hudson Brauntz. You will not be disappointed!"

Nick Heineke

Owner, Heineke Veterinary Hospital