reviews management program

program overview

Gathering reviews for your products and services requires time, effort, and consistency. Hudson Brauntz makes this simple with our Review Program. This program is ideal for businesses that are service oriented with five or more clients per month. 

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reviews management program
reviews management program
reviews management program

review process

Our reviews management program is one of our clients’ favorite tools for strengthening their business. For busy business owners, stopping the work or sales process to gather reviews and testimonials is a challenge. We make it simple with our automated system that uses direct text messages to collect feedback from your customers.

direct asks for reviews

After a project is complete, your customers will receive a text message asking them to review your business on the platform of their choice. Popular options include Google and Facebook for gathering reviews. The direct ask automatically populates a five-star rating and encourages customers to confirm with their own comments.

hundreds of reviews a month

Our program allows for up to 50 direct asks each month so you won’t miss a single opportunity to ask a client to leave their feedback.

simple, predictable budget

The program is available for just $99/month, making it easy to predict and budget for in your business.

direct, on-site streaming

Reviews are automatically populated on your website through a plugin. You don’t have to take any action to show the latest positive reviews of your business!

control over negative reviews

You can decide the level of review and control you’d like to have over reviews before they’re available. Any ratings lower than four stars can be blocked from appearing on your website.


reviews management program

how it works

You’ve already done the hard work of building your business. Now, you deserve to have an e-commerce solution that supports your goals. Hudson Brauntz will get you there with a beautiful new website.

  1. Purchase the review program directly from Hudson Brauntz.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Set up your review parameters.
  4. Add the review program plugin to your website.
  5. Start gathering reviews.
  6. Watch them stream directly to your website!
reviews management program
reviews management program
reviews management program

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We walk the walk when it comes to our products! Hudson Brauntz uses our review program to gather the reviews and testimonials of our clients. Explore the program and our clients’ kind words below.

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reviews management program

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