About us

Our primary mission is to help you build a digital marketing strategy that ensures your customers can find you online—and when they do, they have an exceptional experience with your business.

At Hudson Brauntz, we help clients thrive by delivering high-impact digital marketing solutions. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to create digital work that helps them to grow and succeed in an increasingly digital world. Our highly talented team of strategists, designers and developers are here to work with you to bring your brand to life and drive your business online.

To us, our relationship with our clients is everything. It drives our decisions, our business model, and our pricing structure. We help clients enhance their online presence. At the same time, we are committed to maximizing the return of our clients’ online spend.

You deserve to be in control of your brand. We communicate clearly and frequently to ensure that you are always updated and informed about pricing, project status, and the latest industry trends that can impact your business.

A note from our founder, David Brauntz.

Great businesses aren’t built in a day. They’re created over years, person-by-person, relationship-by-relationship. Since my first job at age 16, I’ve slowly been building Hudson Brauntz. I didn’t know that this exact business would be my future, or what it would be called or look like or sell. But I did know that it was going to be focused on one thing: creating loyal customers who love their experience working with us.

You, the customer, are why I took the leap to start Hudson Brauntz. You deserve an experience of building and sharing your brand that excites and inspires you. You deserve to be the focus of the conversation, the hero of the story, and the top priority of our business. That’s our goal—and it always will be.

My experience in a range of industries—from retail to merchant services—and with businesses of all sizes has taught me that being honest, respectful, and kind will bring in more success than any pricing model or marketing efforts. Having an entrepreneurial mindset means following your passion and your vision—not following your wallet.

Let our team help you follow your passion and build your vision.